What do I need to know about gutters and gutter guards

Let our Brook Painting specialist be honest and give his opinion. You can be assured that we will not tell you to change them if it is not needed.
Our Company has a special crew just for gutters; they are not painters. We will never put our painters to replace your gutters. We won’t go to just any materials supplier and come back to your house and make a lot of seams. Our crew keeps a 6” Aluminum gutter machine so your gutters are seamless gutters. They will be made at your property to ensure fit.
Our Gutters are 6” Aluminium gutters and we use hidden hangers with screws on them. No more visible and loose nails which you have to keep hitting up every 3 months.
We do offer a big variety of colors. Little changes like the gutters improves not only the looks of your home, but also adds protection to  prevent water  from ruining your fascia boards and soffits. 
Gutter covers are not always a good option. Sometimes the roof pitch will play a lot on covers functionality. They are very helpful to help keep your gutters clean but we will not try to sell them to you if they won’t work on your home. We are behind you to help you, not to get your  money.
They are aluminium, and we offer options as white and brown
Normally some one on our crew will be able to  answer your questions. The consultant who sold you the job will stop by once at day most of the time.






  • All interior and exterior paint jobs have a 1 year unlimited warranty with an extra 5 year limited warranty.

  • Gutters– 10 year warranty.

  • Decks– up to 36 months depending on previous wood maintenance

  • Woodwork-5 year warranty. NOTE: warranty applies to woodwork we replaced only

  • Siding–  5 years through Brook Painting and up to 30 years through James Hardie. 


Warranty Notes

Warranty can be voided if bad or negligent maintenance/work was done (pressure washing, chemicals, etc.) or natural disasters and if customer decided to not address wood or masonite siding that needed to be replaced.


All warranties include labor and material at no cost to customer unless customer wants extra work done.


Special Notes

We will do a quick clean up after each interior/exterior work day. Please do not leave kids or pets unattended in the areas, especially with exterior jobs where carpentry is being done. We will do a thorough deep cleaning on the last work day (picking up nails, aluminum debris) We will inform you of when it is completely safe to be back in the areas. Thank you for your patience and help with keeping you and your family safe.