On the Exterior Painting of your home, an excellent paint job means elegance and beauty. It can also mean so much more. Exterior Painting is a barrier against the elements that attack the integrity of your home. Brook painting is highly experienced and thoroughly knowledgeable. Our satisfied customers include some of the finest homes in the greater Atlanta area.

We fully prepare and repair each surface to ensure a uniform finish and proper paint adhesion. We are careful in our protection of your non-painted surfaces. Our Exterior Painting superior techniques provide beautiful, lasting results that you’ll enjoy for years to come. Anyone can put a coat of paint on your house but were the appropriate steps taken? At Brook Painting we know it’s not an easy task hiring the right contractor. We understand the importance of you choosing someone who knows how to get the job done right and count on them for any project you need to have done. Allow us to be your trusted contractor that you can count on through the years.



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Architectural woodwork

Decks, Railings, & Patio Covers

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  Complete Stripping

    Staining & Refinishing

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Wood Work – Let’s do it Right!

Daily business keeps us distracted with what our house needs. Sometimes we believe that because we only see a little bad piece that it means nothing. In reality, 1 small rotten piece may be a clue you may have some more rotted wood around your home.  Why wait longer and let your home  continue getting rotted, resulting in having a higher expense in the end?

At Brook Painting our team is trained to inspect your home and give you the most accurate estimate of the things your home needs.  At the time we start the Job, our professionals will begin prepping up your home while changing out the rotten wood. If we find more wood that needs to be  replaced, we will let you know before we do anything to it (We are not the type of company who will charge you something extra without letting you know before any replacement). We use only the best quality materials for wood replacement. For trim around windows we use PVC and Hardie boards on fascia boards; we love to be set a part of everything we do. Give us a call and let one of our experts to guide you through the needs of your home.



Refinishing your front door is one of the fastest and least expensive ways to refresh the exterior of your home. We want to help you with this process. In order to make the door look as new as possible, we recommend using the same color or a very similar color to what you already have. Please note that the color samples online or at stores are from the manufacturer and are their best representation of their product therefore, color variation is to be expected. Stains allow the previous color on the door and the color of the wood to show through; This will alter the color. If you are at home while we are doing the work, we can apply a small sample for you to approve before we stain the entire door. We can stain your door darker. Please note that the heavier the application, the more it will obscure the natural grain pattern of the wood. If you want to go lighter, we possibly  won’t know how deep the current stain has penetrated into the door until after we start the project. Our cleaner removes most of the original stain, then we will be able to use a lighter color. If not, we may  need to re-stain using the original or a similar color. Refinishing a front door typically takes about half a day.

Depending on the weather, the door takes 4-6 hours to dry.


Do you remove the door? No, but in some cases it is necessary. 
When can I close my door? In the evening after the door is completed the 
door can be closed — unless you have removed the weather stripping, 
in which case it can be closed right away. 
How many coats of varnish do you apply? more than one coat is not 
necessary and can damage the last result. 
What brand of materials do you use? We prefer to use high-quality materials
supplied by Sherwin Williams, which allows our crews to work efficiently. 
If you would prefer another manufacturer please let us know. Use of materials
from another company may increase the price of your project.
Do you switch out the hardware? No, we don’t switch out hardware.
Do I need to be home? No, but if you are not home the weather stripping
around the door needs to be removed.

Do you offer warranty? Yes, we do offer a 1-year warranty.


Decks and Fence Maintenance and Repairs

Who doesn’t enjoy a deck? one more place of your home to share some great time with family and friends, or just a nice cook out after a day at work. It is the part of your home which connects you to the back yard. This nice part of your home is very important because it can also turn dangerous if you don’t do maintenance and can cost a lot to bring it back to it’s original state. Being negligent with the maintenance of the deck will bring you a lot of rotten wood and sometimes the need of replacing almost half of your deck.

Any deck or fence requires proper maintenance to resist the outside elements. A good quality stain and sealer should be applied to your deck and fence for extra protection. Deck and fence staining and finishing will give you peace of mind and help you avoid costly wood repairs in the future.

Brook Painting will ensure your deck and fence does not suffer further damages by using top quality wood stains and sealers to protect the wood. The key to long-lasting and successful staining is maintaining the finish. Proper cleaning should be done on a yearly basis, and maintenance coats of stain should be applied every few years to ensure lasting results that will keep your deck and fence looking beautiful and ageless.

Staining a deck is to protect the wood but you can achieve beautiful results when the stain is chosen to match or compliment the outside decor. Deck staining should be every other year but also depends on weather conditions, the quality of previous stains and the age of your deck.

If choosing a new stain color, complete removal of previous stain or paint may be need to be done for the new color to show through or to remove chipping paint. Once we review your deck, we’ll be able to let you know and offer stain and color options.

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Q. How does water damage wood?
When wood absorbs water, it swells and as it dries up it will contracts. These repeated expanding and contracting cycles cause small cracks which grow and expand over time. In cold climates, this cycle is exacerbated by freezing and thawing. Excessive moisture content in wood also supports fungi that cause wood rot.

Q. Does sunlight damage wood?
Sunlight will turn the upper layer of wood cells silver over time, but it will not structurally damage the wood. It will also affect stains and finishes over time, which can then open the wood up to damage from water.

Q. I’ve just built a new deck or fence. I’ve heard it needs to “season” – or be left untreated – for a while. Is this true?
The longest you should ever wait before treating new pressure treated wood is 30 days. (This is because sometimes the lumber can still be damp from the pressure treating process). Otherwise, the wood will begin to fade and sustain damage – and this can happen quicker than you would think.


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